11/08/2018 06:00pm the Hive Sai Kung

Glitter and Gore: Fairies and Hobbits Party and Movie

Flora the Fairy and Hobson the Hobbit are on a mission! The Secret Magic Village needs Magic Dust to power and protect the village and Flora has fallen behind on her job of Magic Dust Making!!

Will your Little Fairies and Hobbits help out?! They’ll go on a magical journey and if they do really well they’ll even get to keep some magic dust for their hard work!

A FUN filled adventure awaits! Using storytelling, games and arts & crafts your Little Hobbits and Fairies will be immersed into the story and will help with the magic dust mission. They’ll be rewarded by receiving their own little bag of magic dust and a letter from the Queen Fairy!

Party: 6-7pm
Movie: 7-9pm

The movie we’ll be watching is “Epic”

Suitable for children aged 4+ years old

Tickets are HKD200 per child

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