14/07/2018 06:00pm

Glitter and Gore Kids Pirate Party and Movie Night

We need your help!! Captain Gan-Greene, the friendly pirate, is stuck in Sai Kung! His beloved treasure has been stolen by his evil enemy, McGreedy Beard! Gan-Greene’s best friend and first shipmate, Three-Toe Joe, is helping on the heroic mission to get it back – will your Little Pirates help out on the mission too? They’ll go on an adventure packed journey full of FUN and if they help to find the treasure they may even get to keep some for themselves!

A FUN filled adventure awaits! During this, fully interactive, hour of FUN our FUNtertainers, Captain Gan Greene and Three-Toe Joe, will take the children on an imaginative journey! Using storytelling, games, and arts & crafts your Little Pirates will be immersed into the story and will help to find Gan Greene’s treasure. They’ll be rewarded by receiving their own little bag of treasure and afterward, to help them cool down after the FUN filled adventure, they’ll settle down to watch another crazy adventure movie – ‘Hook’!

That’s right we’re taking you back to the 90’s with this classic movie starring Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman! Peter Pan, stuck in a boring corporate job, has forgotten about his childhood until his enemy, Captain Hook kidnaps his children and he has to return to Neverland!

Come along for a nostalgic throwback with this FUN fantasy film!

Kids party & cinema ticket: HKD200

Parent ticket for the cinema: HKD100


RSVP to skhosts@thehive.com.hk

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