21/05/2018 06:00pm

Hong Kong Human Right Film Festival

We would like to proudly announce the program for the 1905 International Human Rights Film Festival in Hong Kong from May 17th – 27th. The 1905 Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) aims to raise awareness about human rights violations through film screenings and discussions with filmmakers and activists.

Unwelcome –

In a tent at a gas station in Greece lives a six year old boy. Menwar and his family fled the Syrian war hoping to find peace in Europe, but when they finally arrived they found a continent that didn’t want them, a continent that had closed its borders to them. Now they face the biggest decision of their lives: will they give up the dream of Europe and follow the police to a prison-like government camp or break all the rules and make an illegal run for the border?

Screening starts at 6:30 PM

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*In collaboration with The Hive – Sai Kung

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