21/08/2018 10:30am the Hive Sai Kung

Listen & Learn: Service-Network Leadership


Join Ran Elassy for an engaging and motivating introduction to Service-Network Leadership. This program is based on more than four decades of global success, given that it has formed the foundation of DHL’s incredible success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole proprietor or the head of a small-to-medium corporation – Service-Network Leadership offers a powerful mindset for winning and keeping lasting clients.

Presentation Format:

1. Learn new terms and concepts to understand what Service-Network Leadership is all about.
2. Get an introduction to what a Service Habitat is and why it can help you design better operations.
3. Bring your toughest company challenges to find solutions you can apply right away.

About Ran Elfassy and Service-Network Leadership:

At the close of 2005, Ran met Po Chung. He didn’t know anything about the decent, fascinating retiree, but he quickly appreciated Po’s rare intelligence and clarity of thought. It’s not every day you meet people who can clearly articulate the connection between character and leadership. Ran has since helped Po refine, publish and apply Po’s many groundbreaking insights that feed the Service-Network Leadership program.

You may not have heard of Ran before, but chances are good that you’ve heard of – or depended on – Po’s impressive contributions to global trade. He is the renowned leader and co-founder of DHL International, the global powerhouse that has operated one of the world’s largest service networks for more than four decades. The mindset he used to help grow DHL into the “most global of global companies” is at the heart of the Service-Network Leadership modules.


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