26/07/2018 12:00pm

WOMB: Pop Up Shop

WOMB is an umbrella brand for ecological, ethical and vegan design. Our aim to promote those, who care about what everyday objects are made of, about proper compensation for manual work, about introducing revolutionary and durable solutions, about slow manufacture rather than mass production. We work with small and medium size studios and independent designers, offering products of the best quality, realized in sustainable production environments, sourcing from traditional handcrafting techniques. WOMB is an incubator where potential can grow and ideas can be born. We wish to spark a lively discussion about what is possible in terms of design, production, and manufacture.

The two founders, Kasia and Maria, have been previously involved in the field of contemporary art, which made them understand the responsibility for the artist’s figure. Design is rarely perceived as art, it is often viewed as far too functional to be assigned artistic value. But we think different. For us, a designer is an artist, who, apart from a clear aesthetic thinking, has also a superpower of “owning” materials, of understanding technics and ruling the mathematical precision. In design, concept meets skill, and that’s what we want to celebrate.

Ethics, sustainability, and veganism – our products are hand-picked and carefully curated, in line with WOMB’s ideology. We look for transparency in production processes, conscious manufacturing methods, and creative creations.

We do not work with designers or studios who work with leather, silk, wool or use animal glues in their practice. We wish to support makers whose work is 100% cruelty-free.


We look forward to seeing you all at the Hive Sai Kung!!


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